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    We are now in our new location at 12222 S. 1000 E. Suite 4 in Draper!
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    We believe that each child is unique and that a "one size fits all" approach limits your child's ability to grow.
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    We believe that the best ways to engage with a child is on their level and with materials that interest them.
  • Reaching Children

    We are dedicated to helping children of all abilities through positive and scientifically backed interventions.
  • Fun, Professional Staff

    We care about each child with whom we work. That care is shown in each session as our supervisors and therapists personalize learning to meet your child's needs.
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Picture Schedule for Your Child
Most days, it seems as though I am running from the moment my alarm goes off in the morning until I lay my head on my pillow at night—and ev...
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Using Positive Reinforcement
Are there certain things that your child can do that you wish your child would do more often? Do you find that sometimes your child displays...
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