Picture Schedule for Your Child

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-Schedule-for-1st-Blog-Post-1.pngMost days, it seems as though I am running from the moment my alarm goes off in the morning until I lay my head on my pillow at night—and even then my mind is constantly reciting a never-ending to-do list! There seems to be a constant array of doctors’ appointments, therapies, work obligations, fundraisers, and play dates. And even though it can be quite exhausting some days, at least I limited the chaos by taking a few minutes to plan it all out. Yes, that’s right. I’m that crazy wife and mom with the huge day planner, mapping out the lives of each of my family members. But can you even imagine how stressful our lives would be if we didn’t know what was happening next? What if we were in the middle of doing something important, and suddenly our spouse (or child) said, “Ok, time to go! Get your shoes on and get in the car!” It would be incredibly frustrating!

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